Allagan boots of Casting

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Allagan boots of Casting

Message par Shaemus le Sam 21 Déc - 7:15

I have found the information that confirms the rumor. I was told SE changed these boots in error and they were going to change it back. I did not believe this but now i know for sure.

The bonus attributes for the items below were changed in err. They will be reverted to their original values in an upcoming hotfix.
* Added on December 16, 2013.

Allagan Circlet of Healing
Before: MND+18, VIT+18, Determination+15, PIE+11
After: MND+18, VIT+18, PIE+16, Critical Hit Rate+15

Allagan Breeches of Healing
Before: VIT+29, MND+29, PIE+26, Critical Hit Rate+24
After: VIT+29, MND+29, Spell Speed+34, PIE+18

Allagan Boots of Casting
Before: INT+18, VIT+18, Critical Hit Rate+21, Accuracy+15
After: INT+18, VIT+18, Spell Speed+21, Determination+11
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