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pending 2.0 (EN)

Message par Yhoh Zhwan le Jeu 15 Nov - 19:13

Hi all!

I propose to return a little nostalgic about FF11, but not paying, on a private server!

And yes, played to review vanadiel .. just for fun .. history a month max ....

Here's a quick little tutorial

1) Install the game and update

Began to Chose the choices you corresponds:
- I've installed the game, and I already play the game on the official long ago: you start to step 10
- I've installed the game, and I already play the game on the official there less than a month, you start to step 14
- I've never installed or played Final Fantasy XI: you start at step 1

NOTE: Make a backup of your game folder in case.
Install PlayOnline, Final Fantasy XI, and four addons in the game (the game is not available for download because it is illegal for you to find, preferably EUROPEAN version)
Launch PlayOnline and let it update.
Close PlayOnline.
Download this file: FFXI Patch.
Extract all the content in the game directory (typically c :/ Program Files / PlayOnline / SquareEnix / FINAL FANTASY XI).
Restart PlayOnline PlayOnline members to choose
In the subscriber's name, metter what you want.
To enter ABCD1234 PlayOnline ID
Select register, yes, OK.
Select Verify from the menu on the left of the choice of account.
Click PlayOnline Viewer and FINAL FANTASY XI select from the dropdown menu and then check.
After 7 hours or more to update, FFXI must be updated.
Leave PlayOnline Viewer.
Copy the data directory C: \ Program Files \ PlayOnline \ SquareEnix \ PlayOnlineViewer \ data directory in the FINAL FANTASY XI C: \ Program Files \ PlayOnline \ SquareEnix \ FINAL FANTASY XI.
After you have as directory: C: \ Program Files \ PlayOnline \ SquareEnix \ FINAL FANTASY XI \ data.

2) Download and unzip the Launcher

It is from the latter that you start the game, it is a version of windower, moreover it will give you the same information that this software can be downloaded here:

MXI Windower version

download and unzip (or you want but not in the game directory)


Client.ini: configuration file to access the server, to change the language, version, and the resolution of the game
meteorXI Version.exe Windower: the file that launches the launcher, which can create an account and start the game

3) Setup launcher and launch the game

Normally the launcher is already set, but you can change certain things via client.ini (working with notepad or other):

(1) The address of the server
(2) Once your account is created, you can launch the game automatically by indiquants here and putting AutoLogin = 1
(3) The language of the game 1 = English, ...
(4) The version of your game NA = U.S., EU = European, JP = Japanese
(5) The resolution of your game (windowed mode starts from the config of the game)
Once configured, launch Windower meteorXI Version.exe (Administrator mode if you are on vista or 7) this page should be displayed:


Now press 2 then enter and follow the instructions to create an account
Then 1 then entered, enter your login and password and good games!


Here's the link to servers .. still present (plus a day)

So if you want to relive some fun thrill, you're welcome.

PS: this is a private server, I remind you, so sometimes inaccessible, sometimes .. Buge even often, but far from preventing us to play, we're a lot dailleurs helped Xp fast, AH all the time and every object, even 75 has ridiculously low price .. Finally, all to get a little nostalgic comeback!

Good games GEEKS!

Yhoh Zhwan
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