2 – Rules, Charter and Linkshell Organization

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2 – Rules, Charter and Linkshell Organization

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1 – The Linkshell
Zantetsuken was formed by a group of players who got together in concept of facing Endgame challenges that FFXIV had to offer. While Endgame being the main goal of the linkshell, the atmosphere of the linkshell remained calm even if it inquired from each member a certain level of gameplay, proficiency of your persona, contribution and to understand serious outputs.
With the release of Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn, Zantetsuken leaders decided to open a section more social in our rank. The purpose is to greet players from around the world that want to join us without forcing them to do endgame. This section is for all players who wish to play in a ordered community, or for those who have not yet reach a certain level, but who wishes to join our Endgame groups. This will allow them to learn from our “big” players and may also sometimes give them a chance to join our Free Company Endgame events when we have a free spot.

2 – Free Company Organization

- The Leaders
The Free Company is led by 3 leaders who are Nairolf Ridill, Erwald Lionguard and Shae Lys. 
Their role is to manage everything concerning the Free Company and Endgame at an organizational level. (site development, recruitment, organization and lead events, develop strategies, etc.).

- The Officers
To help the leaders in their work, officers have been appointed to manage the social portion. These are players who are involved in the Free Company. They have proven their qualities in Motivation, mutual assistance and availability.

- The Veterans
The veterans are our best players, They are those who have proved their worth and deserve their place in our Endgame roster.

- The Members
Zantetsuken members players who have joined our community and who has managed to integrate, but which have not yet reached a profile to join veterans for various reasons. (inadequate game time, a character not yet totally mastered, or maybe just the fact of wanting to be in Zantetsuken without necessarily wanting to Endgame)

- The Recruits
Recruits are players in test period. A test period may last between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the number of outputs carried out and the presence of the player concerned.

3 – Life and Community
We expect from our members that they have exemplary behavior towards other players, Free Company or with external players.
Final Fantasy XIV is primarily a community game, politeness and courtesy are essential.
A "Hello" or a "Goodbye" takes only a few seconds but are part of these elementary things contributing to the cheerfulness and friendliness within a Free Company.
The reputation of a player makes the reputation of a Free Company and not the opposite. We take actions against any member having an aggressive, offensive or even pretentious behavior against the other players of the server.
As a representative of the Free Company, you have the duty to convey a good image of the latter. Harming this image is harming the image of all members of our community and is disrespectful. Such conduct cannot be justified. Our advanced PVE or your stuff don't make you a Mona, moderate your comments and your attitude in remaining humble and honest with yourself.
Rude behavior aren't rare in Final Fantasy XIV and it is recommended to remain dignified in all circumstances.
Avoid insults and other disputes on the General channels. If you encounter a problem with a player who is not from us, adjust it by private messages or with a GM, and do not join general discussions with the server which can be pathetic.

4 – Forum
A forum is made available to you and is a preferred mean of off-side communication between all members. Any point asking problem must be discussed, all proposals or constructive criticism can also be submitted. Therefore, we can move forward.
It is also a place where you can give hints, ask for advice, or simply talk about the rain and the weather. By entering in the Guild, you therefore agree to come and inform yourself on this forum regularly (a small passage before to log in to the game to see the new messages is not very binding!)
The forum is an important tool for the life of the Free Company, sign up and do it live!
PS: When you use it, please use it with correct language. You are not on a cell phone! The type of messages such as “ello, how r u?” are strictly prohibited. It doesn't require you to be an ace of spelling but do minimal attention to be readable and understood by all.

5 – Recruitment
The recruitment is done only via the forum (no recruitment direct in-game apart from exceptions).
Fill the application form so that we know you a little better.
The applicant to the Free Company shall accept all the conditions of this charter without reservation, and comply.
He/she then enters the Free Company as a recruit after acceptance of the Leaders.
The final admission will be delivered only after a period of at least 2 weeks of testing.

6 – The Endgame Outputs and Event Schedule
Endgame outputs are organized by the leaders of the free company. Each event will be posted in advance on the calendar (Purple button on the forum).
It is requested that each participant to come with its consumables (food and potions) as well as having its equipment fully repaired (to avoid stopping for repairs during event).

6 – Mumble
A mumble is available for guild's members.
Zantetsuken's members must use mumble during guild's events. It's an obligation.

7 – Strategies for bosses during raids

We strongly recommend you to learn the strategy of the bosses of the instances in which we will go.

Part strategy for the Endgame of the game content was set up on the forum so the debates on a possible common strategy can be submitted and implemented quickly.
This avoids a waste of time if these debates take place on Mumble during raids. You are also invited to take note of the strategies on your own (forums, etc...)

8 – Guild Bank

Zantetsuken has a Free Company Bank in order to finance various elements in game (e.g. for certain components of Endgame outputs as during our attempts and our deaths on Nael Deus Darsus (see FFXIV V1), or all simply for the future "Housing").

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