1 - How to Formulate Your Application

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1 - How to Formulate Your Application

Message par Admin le Dim 16 Juin - 12:16

Thank you for your interest in our community.
If you want to join Zantetsuken, please read the rules of Zantetsuken.
If you agree with them, you can write your application in the recruitment section.
You are not obliged to follow the Example of application posted on this forum (you can be original), but you will find below a list of the information which we would like to see in your application.

=> If you are a veteran of FFXIV : 

- Name of your character (In Game)
- Classes and Jobs played (with level)
- Dungeon Experience (Bahamut, Cristal Tower)
- Eikon Experience (Ifrit, garuda, Titan, Moogle)
- Timezone+Playtime
- Link of your character's Lodestone profile
- Why are you interested in joining Zantetsuken ?
- Are you a HL players or a "casual" player ?

You can add other information which you want to share with us (Experience on other MMO, Items of your character, Friend in our Company, Hobby, what do you expect from FFXIV ARR...)
The way you will present your application will show us how interested in joining us, therefore you must avoid to just copy paste the list of information. It is strongly recommended to do a nice application, with a lot of detail, and proper sentences (you must avoid presentation with a lot of - followed by 1 word)

=> If you are a new player of FFXIV : 

- Name of your character (In Game)
- Classes and Jobs played (with level)
- Timezone+Playtime
- Why are you interested in joining Zantetsuken?
- If you have friend in our Company

The leaders will give you an answer as soon as possible after your apply (1-2 days). 
Acceptance into your test month is decided on all leaders' approval.

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